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What Needs to be Done About Shayari Punjabi

Filipinos are known across the world for being romantic. Because of shared cultural, historical and religious heritage, Arabic is thought of as one language by many of its speakers though they might not be able to comprehend the several distinct kinds of Arabic throughout the area. Languages cannot be conglomerations. It’s also said this language is being spoken within this region for centuries. The WhatsApp Shayari Punjabi language is among the most frequently spoken Indo-Aryan languages. Two ways of speaking are believed to be two dialects of the identical language when there’s mutual intelligibility, meaning that the 2 speakers can comprehend each other. Speakers may use slightly different grammatical structures, sound a little different, and at times use various words to mean certain things, but they could still understand each other the majority of the moment.

Shayari Punjabi – Is it a Scam?

उन्हें पाकर हमारा दिल मेहताब हो जाता है.
उन्हें देखकर हमारा चेहरा खिलता गुलाब हो जाता है।


उनसे मिलने की आस रहती है हमे हर पल
ना जाने कब ख़त्म होंगे उनकी जुदाई के पल
हमने उनके इन्तजार में गुजारे हैं तन्हा कितने पल
नसे मिलने का निकलता नहीं कोई हल।
उनसे मिलने का निकलता नहीं कोई हल !

उनकी जुदाई हम से सही जाती नहीं,
फिर भी जुदाई को सहना पड़ता है।
दल में हो कितने भी गमफिर भी मुस्कराना पड़ता है।


उससे दिल लगाकर हमें मिला है धोखा
हम उम्र भर नहीं भूलेंगे ,उसने दिया है हमें जो
गमों और उदासियों का तोहफा।


दिल तड़फता है उसे याद कर-कर के
आँखें तरस गई है उसका इन्तजार कर-कर के
हम जी रहे हैं मर-मर के
एक वो है जो देते है हमें सजा अपना बन बनके।


विरान लगती है यह गलियाँ हमें उनके बिना
बागों में खिलती नहीं कलियाँ उनके बिना
जचती नहीं हंसी मजाक, रंगरलियाँ हमें उसके बिना।

कभी मिलो तो कहूँ तुमसे,
मेरी मोह्हबत मेरा प्यार . .
मेरी उल्फत मेरा प्यार . . .

वो तेरी गली के चक्कर लगाना दिन में कई कई बार…
ओर देखकर तुझको कुछ भी ना कह पाना जो बातें सोची हज़ार…

कभी मिलो तो कहूँ तुमसे मेरी चाहत मेरा प्यार…
मेरी मोह्हबत मेरा प्यार..!

वो रातों को नींद ना आना और करवट बदलना बार बार…
सोचकर तुम्हारे बारें मे नई नई कल्पनाएं करना हर बार…

कभी मिलो तो कहूँ तुमसे मेरी तनहाई मेरा प्यार…
मेरी मोह्हबत मेरा प्यार..!

थामा है आपका हाथ उम्र भर साथ निभाने के लिए
आप हमें अपनी समझे या छोड़ दे, घुटघुट मर जाने के लिए

सजा रखे थे प्यार के जो ख्वाब इन आँखों में
हम उन खाबों को अश्कों में बहा बैठे हैं
हम दिल जान से जिन्हें चाहते हैं, वो हमें दिल से भूला बैठे हैं।

क्यों किया था हमसे इतना प्यार, अगर निभा नहीं सकते थे
क्यों किया हमें इतनी बेकरारअगर हमें अपनी बना नहीं सकते थे।

क्यों कर बैठे आप हमें इतनी बेगानी, मैंने दिल दिया है आप को
प्यार की निशानी, आप ने मिट्टी में मिला दी मेरी जवानी।

जुवान खामोश है दिल फरियाद कर रहा है, आप क्या जाने
आपको हमारा दिलकितना याद कर रहा है।

लवों पर शिकायत है, दिल फरियाद कर रहा है।
जो हमारा कभी हो नहीं सकता
उसके लिए यह दिल आहे क्यों भरता है।

उनकी हर एक बात में अजीब सा नशा है ।
उनका प्यार मेरा नसनस में बसा है
उनका बात-बात पर मुझे डांटना
मुझे प्यारी लगती उन की हर एक अदा ।

The Cng Activa Delhi Price Game

cng activa delhi price

The Importance of Cng Activa Delhi Price

For a normal buyer, it is not going to be accomplished. Price is unavailable for this city. Honda Activa CNG Price will count on the kit you’re going to purchase. So far as maintenance costs are involved, the business states that the CNG equipped scooters will need to stick to exactly the same service intervals as its petrol derivative.

The fuel efficiency of an auto is amongst one of the most essential criteria in regards to purchasing a new vehicle. The top quality improvement of the metallic paint is all up to the mark. A team building success is when your team can do some excellent project and work increasingly more effectively. Honda Activa popularity is rising day by day. There are many different reason for the prevalence of the Honda City, among the key ones being the exact healthy mileage it returns.

The Hidden Gem of Cng Activa Delhi Price

The kits are rather much like the ones found on cars, and allow you to choose between both Activa CNG and petrol choices. All the kits which are going to be sold shall be accepted by the ARAI itself. The Chrome Kit is accompanied by an additonal price of Rs. 5065.

CNG is among the absolute most environment-friendly fuels when compared with conventional fuels because it doesn’t have any impurities like sulphur or lead and is safe as it’s lighter than air and rises up in case of leakage. A nascent offering that everybody is curious about, we chose to take a CNG equipped scooter for a ride, in this circumstance, the Honda Activa 3G, in an attempt to seek answers. 1 kg CNG allows you to travel 120 km and the cost of the exact same is 37.

Nowadays teams are getting to be very critical in every firm. The business is famous for its excellence with style. Manufacturing is also at precisely the same facility.

The scooter is feature-rich and boasts a lot of convenience features when compared with the Activa 4G. Initially, it’s hard to distinguish the normal scooter from that of the CNG derivative. At first, it’s really difficult to distinguish the conventional scooter from that of the CNG derivative. This bike can be found in number of colours. Both these cars are easily among the very best in their various segments. CNG-powered vehicles have existed for a while now, with a few manufactures offering conversion kits directly from the factory, and several more aftermarket options also. Consequently, it has an identical mileage.

There’s no change in the plan of the scooter and it looks the exact same. On the flip side, if you’re a private scooter owner and apply the exact same for almost all your travelling needs, the CNG kit is a viable choice. The truth is it’s already being used.

On a customer spec model, however, it’s going to be difficult to know the exact same. On a customer spec model, however, it is going to be difficult to be aware of the same. A compact designs enables the rider to take care of the machine relatively simpler. Team building is utilized in work organizations and is the vital portion of a leaders get the job done. There’s enough space below the seat along with in the front area for storage. A modest lockable opening at the front part of the panel provides you with accessibility to the CNG fuel gauge. There is it gives you access to the CNG fuel gauge.

How To Access The iPhone Camera From Lock Screen


Apple was founded by Steve Jobs Steve Wozniak Ronald Wayne on April 1,1976 almost 42 years ago. When It was founded nobody was aware that one day it will be the one of the highest growth company for the technology all over the world. It has more than 500 of stores as for the calculation of census in the year 2017. This company served millions and billions of people around world who there are many key people of this company which include The chairman Arthur D levinson, The CEO of Apple right now is Tim Cook and the CDO of the Apple company is Jonathan Ive ,The CFO of the Apple company is Luca mystery and CPO of the company Apple is Jeff William. This company offers various products all over the world like iPod, iPhone,iPad, Apple watch, Apple TV, Homepod, Mac Operating System, iOS watch, iOS TVS, iLife, Iwork Macintosh.

This company also provides the services like Apple pay, Apple store, Apple iTunes store, App store ,Mac App store, book store, iCloud and Apple music.

It has the revenue of 229.324 million US dollar as per the 2017 their operating income is near about 61.344 billion.

iOS ( iPhone OS)

iOS, it is basically and operating system which was developed by the Apple company. It is basically popular for its hardware they operating system is the one of the most powerful among all the companies of smartphone available around the world. It has been winning the race as it plays and Monopoly in the market as no other phone as not Apple devices are not able to use the iOS on their Android or other smartphone devices.

Like there are many numbers of user who are from Android operating system but there is one problem that they are not following only one company they are using Motorola, Samsung, LG, redmi and many other smartphone. For using the Android Operating System but for using the iOS the user need to buy the Apple device then only they will be able to use it. It was basically launched for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The user interference of iOS is amazing it has direct manipulation the user can use it for the multiple touch gestures its excelnet is really great it has come in the 3D dimensions and the accessories are mind blowing this basically is available in the 40 languages of the world for updating this the user can update from OTA or iTunes they official website of iOS is www.apple.com / iOS.

For access to the iPhone camera from the block screen the user need to follow some of the steps as follows after following the steps the user will be able to access the iPhone camera from the lock screen very easily.

  • The user firstly need to press the home button which is at the middle of the iPhone hardware that is when you hold the iPhone in your hand there will be an one big round button in the middle of lower side.
  • The user need to press that without entering the password.
  • They will see that there are three dots on the bottom.
  • One is middle another is something else and third one is camera the user will be able to see that there is an option with short small picture of camera small icon of camera.
  • The user need to swipe up on that camera then the user will be able to access the iPhone camera without even opening the lock off that phone.
  • You can also access camera of third party apps like WhatsApp plus using this feature.